Official PAN Card

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Fully customizable—and with the ability to be sent anonymously—an Official PAN Card makes the perfect addition to the wallet of anyone who loves all people.

How can you call yourself a true card carrying pansexual without an Official PAN Card? Maybe your coming out card got lost in the mail—or you forgot to order it altogether. Either way, it's time to fix your mistake and join the club.

Flash your card the next time someone calls you gay or tries to make you "pick a team", yet again. With an Official PAN Card, you need not waste your time talking to uneducated fools.

Some people may also need a little bit of help emerging from the closet; a PAN Card might be just what the doctor ordered. Help them easily and efficiently explain their love of all people to friends and family.

*MEMBER SINCE date can be whatever you want, but it is typically either the date that the Cardholder "came out" or their date of birth.

**EACH CARD is mailed to the Shipping Address in a nondescript white envelope. Inside, the card is affixed to a welcome letter (including the Custom Message, if applicable).

***TO SEND ANONYMOUSLY OR AS A GIFT, simply input the recipient's address into the Shipping Address field during Checkout. Your email address, phone number, and billing info does NOT appear anywhere on the card, envelope, or welcome letter. Please input YOUR Billing Address during Checkout.

****IF ORDERING MORE THAN ONE CARD, each card will be individually enveloped as above and mailed to the Shipping Address. If you would like cards to be mailed to multiple addresses, please complete each order as a separate transaction OR provide mailing addresses for all cards in the Special Instructions section during Checkout.